The Coffee & Chocolate Africa Expo observed the Deaf Awareness Celebration Day as well as support #ActionAgainstPoverty during Mandela Month, with the Ciro Deaf Barista Competition. Coffee is an almost universally appreciated beverage, regardless of your race, creed, nationality or even whether you are able-bodied or not. Despite this, the process of making and serving the beverage is one traditionally reserved for the hearing-abled. Thus, it is exciting to note that a group of very talented Deaf baristas showed off their skills with a view to being named the Ciro Deaf Barista Champion for 2019 on July 27. The event took place on the secondRead More →

Do you ever find yourself googling a list of notable Tsonga dishes in South Africa? Stop typing start driving to N’wa-Falaza situated both at Giyani in Limpopo and Pretoria in Gauteng. At N’wa-Falaza, you’re guaranteed mouth-watering African cuisines and experience either by yourself,  friends or loved ones. Nwa-Falaza is a lifestyle pop-up kitchen offering personlised catering options for small and big groups. This is a seasonal home dining experiences that offers you a unique buffet style breakfast, lunch and late lunch/dinner. If you’re looking to experience Tsonga cuisines, below are the dishes you can choose from: Muhori/Mogodu Matomani/Mopani Worms Manqina/Trotters Mukokoroxi/African Chicken All the dishesRead More →

Do you ever feel like not getting out of your house because your skin looks like a ball of stress? ZURU has a little bit of confidence boost for you. This skincare routine brought to you by ZURU will help you get the glow you need for your skin. Just follow the tips below: TIP 1: Use a face wash  – Pump out one drop from your face wash, apply onto your face and rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid using a cloth to wipe your face after washing. Just pat dry. Also, your face twice a day, in the morning and evening. TIP 2: ApplyRead More →

Coffee has always been so much more than a simple beverage: it is a social experience entrenched in culture. For centuries, people across the globe have sought out the wondrous experience of drinking coffee. The celebrational quality of coming together to enjoy a coffee moment and sharing stories, music, conversation and camaraderie is a beloved ritual enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Now, in an age of contemporary coffee culture, ​Nespresso​ is treating coffee lovers to a taste of where it all began. Embark on a journey of discovery to the mythical origins of coffee with two new Limited Edition coffees, ​Arabica EthiopiaRead More →

If you haven’t watched Black Panther yet, we suggest you do it soon because the following creative hairstyles shared by Darling Hair are inspired by some of the Wakanda hairdos. Half-Moon Braids These funky Half- Moon braids are inspired by Shuri, a princess of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda from the movie, Black Panther. This hairstyle can be achieved using Darlings One Million Ombre Braids. Braiding 1. Wash and condition the hair to prepare it for braiding. 2. Use a light after care conditioning product to give your hair some moisture. 3. Now start braiding the hair into micro medium braids from the nape.Read More →

Parents and elders often start saving for their children from a young age. While this initial step is great in helping them set up their life goals; children should also learn the basics of saving and investing from a young age. Ancley Jacobs, CEO FNB Cash Investments says that “The only way your children will start building this saving persona, is by learning about money matters from a young age, understanding how it can work for them and being given the chance to start managing their finances on their own, with positive guidance from parents and elders. Assistance and guidance is necessary in ensuring thatRead More →