Tsonga Men Celebrate Samson Mthombeni on Social Media

It is a sad time for Tsonga people as they mourn the passing of one of the biggest Xitsonga Traditional Music pioneers, Samson Mthombeni.

Samson Mthombeni was born on 31 August 1945 at N’waxinyama (Ka-Bungeni) and passed away on 5 April 2020 at Elim Hospital. The Khatisa Chavalala Cutural Heritage Foundation says that Mthombeni was among other artists such as General MD Shirinda and Daniel Baloyi who were legends to the origin of the genre their music and contributed to the cultural awakening in the country. In the 80’s, he performed in important venues in the country such as the Jabulani Amphitheatre.


In commemorating his death, Tsonga men took to social media by posting photos of themselves in Mthombeni’s signature look, i.e. duku or a headwrap on their heads and a nceka over their shoulders – the same way Tsonga women wear these clothing items.

DJ Brian Rikhotso @djbrianrikhotso


Voni Shane Baloyi @vsbaloyii


Xichovani @NhlamuloN


Sylvester Chauke @sylvesterchauke


Professor Tinyiko Maluleke @ProfTinyiko


Timothy Baloyi @TimothyBaloyi1


Ngetani Headman Mavundza @ngetaniheadman


Given Mkharo @MkhariGiven


Evanz Hatlane @evanzhatlane

Images: Twitter.

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  1. #RIPSamsomMthombeni

    Singing *Bombo ra tika…. Bombo ra tikaaa*

    Etlele Hiku Rhula Tshungu!!!

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