Tsonga Electro Songs & Obscene Language

Do Tsonga Electro songs contain profanity? Mandla Leggere Gingirikani Waka Mashava came across a track called Xirhokwani by Xirhokwani ft Shikwambana. He tried to find out if the lyrics border on an obscene language.

The word xirhokwani means refers to a short skimpy dress but the artists are heard saying a word that sounds like “Xirhakwani”, which means a tiny little bum. This song inspired Mandla to create an episode for #NkaneloWaGingirikani, a YouTube channel that discusses Tsonga music genres in detail. Watch the video below to listen – be warned, your battery might die while playing this video as Tsonga Electro consumes a lot of electricity due to its speed…we’re just joking 🙂

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