#TotallyReady with Minnie Dlamini-Jones

Would you like to know how one of South Africa’s favourite presenters, actors, models and all-around stars of the scene; Minnie Dlamini-Jones gets #TotallyReady for presenting a live show? Read below!

THE LOOK. When I have a live show, we first decide on the overall look for the show. That will determine all our other choices. Mainly, that is about the outfit I’m going to wear. That then usually inspires the rest of the look.

THE MAKE-UP. The make-up I wear must fit in with the fashion choices. It must amplify the aesthetic we have decided to go for. 

THE HAIR. After make-up, I go to my hair. If we’re going for a glamourous look, the hair must support that. If it’s more casual, we may wear the hair down, but loose. For a high-fashion look, we may try something more adventurous.

THE WORK. After I’m all glammed up, then I go over my lines. I make sure that I do the work required for my role, so that I am ready, mentally prepared and confident to deliver. 

THE SMILE. Once I’ve gone over my lines, I always make sure that I surround myself with highly energetic people who make me laugh. I always speak with a smile, it comes through in your delivery. When my energy is up and there’s a healthy smile on my face, I can deliver the content in a way that informs and entertains.

Minnie’s secret to a healthy smile is not just a nice-to-have. A positive, radiant smile gives her confidence and gives her delivery a positive energy. New Colgate Total leaves her mouth feeling clean and healthy. She feels confident to speak to people in close proximity – and that is a large part of her job. A healthy smile means confident delivery, and gets her #TotallyReady.

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