The Even Tone Skincare Routine Tips

Looking for ways to deeply cleanse your skin, fight blemishes and control shine while maintaining an even toned skin?

Bramley’s Cosmetics has a few simple steps for you so that you enjoy a daily facial in the comfort of your own home:

Step 1 Exfoliation – To cleanse, start out by using the facial bar, followed by the  to exfoliate dead skin cells. Once complete, use a lotion to remove excess oil and last but not least, for an instant matte look, finish off with a vanishing cream.

Step 2 Cleansing –  Gently cleanse the skin to help open up clogged pores, reduce oiliness and protect the skin against harmful germs.

Step 3 Toning – This step helps remove oil build-up and impurities (that can lead to problem skin) and shrinks pores, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and radiant.

Step 3 Moisturising – The last step of your skincare routine helpscontrol excessive oiliness, evens out and brighten skin tone.

To get yourself started with the tips above; try the new Bramley’s Cosmetics Even Tone 3-in-1 Mask Range available at selected PEP Stores

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