Sho Madjozi debut album “Limpopo Champions League”earned her two South African music awards this past weekend. Sho Madjozi is also nominated for best new international artist at the BET award. As announced during one of her acceptance speech at the 25th annual South African Music Awards this past weekend, yesterday saw the release of multiple award winning Tsonga rapper Sho Madjozi new music video ‘IDHOM’. The track taken from her critically acclaimed debut album “Limpopo Champions League” is one long selfie video made with the kids from her hometown Shirley Village in Limpopo and it means “you’re an idiot.”. The video is raw and shot on a regularRead More →

Shangazine had a chance to meet up with rapper MC Bloq to talk to him about his love for one of the most unrecognized music genres in South Africa, Tsonga Rap. Watch and listen to MC Bloq tell us more about himself and what this music means to him.   RELATED: Lesson is a Xitsonga Music Awards 2019 Nominee RELATED: Leo Bee’s Tsonga Bars Over EverythingRead More →

Welcome back to the third episode of the Shangazine Tsonga Rap Experience and we are chatting to Ezzi (C-Siders), one of the coolest Tsonga rappers. Ezzi C-Siders whose real name is Thembani Confidence Maluleke is from a small village called Ntlhaveni Block C just outside Malamulele in Limpopo. His name combines the section of place he comes from, i.e. Block C and the group he plays for – C-Siders. He fell in love with music when he was very young and began writing his own music in 2003. For him, music means life, love and communication. When asked who inspires him, he said his mother,Read More →

Welcome to the second episode of Shangazine Tsonga Rap Experience where one of the most talented Tsonga Rappers, GMAX tell us a few things about himself. GMAX whose real name Sipho Chauke is a young rapper from ka-Xihoko, a small village in Limpopo and also the first Tsonga lyricist. In this episode, MC Bloq who is also one of the Tsonga rappers chats to him in the video below to find out more about the young muso’s interests. RELATED: Shangazine Tsonga Rap Experience with Leo BeeRead More →

Tsonga Rap is one of the most underrated music genres in South Africa but we are madly in love with it. To prove our love, we’ve hosted a few Tsonga Rap artists to a Shangazine Experience in order to have one on one conversations regarding music, rap, Tsonga language and culture and also to get to know them a bit…personally Below is a fun and informal interview between Shangazine Editor, Hlulani Masingi and the man who prefers Tsonga Bars over everything; Leo Bee. Watch! Did you know that Leo Bee has a brand new music video? It is called Jika ka Hina! Leo Bee provesRead More →

CVP The Problem, whose real name is Martin Mavunda is a 24-year-old Tsonga Rapper from a small village called Basopa in Limpopo.   Xo Mugaza TV or XMTV managed to track him down in his village to have a little chat on his passion for rapping in Tsonga. He talks about it in the video below that starts off with a Shangazine commercial with a song he was featured on…watch! Follow CVP The Problem on Facebook as CVP The Problem and on Twitter as Martin_Clein. Vide0: Xo Mugaza TVRead More →

Dala FAM, whose real name is Ndalama Marvel Mukhari is a musician from Waterval in Limpopo. He is an ambitious soul who’d like to see Tsonga Rap as an established genre within the South African Hip Hop scene. Q: When did you fall in love with Tsonga Rap and what steps did you take to perfect your craft? A: It is strange because I’ve been rapping for over 10 years in English and never once wrote a song in Xitsonga. What’s even more strange is that both my parents were teachers, my mom taught Xitsonga as a home language but I’d never rap in myRead More →

It is quite rare for rappers to use their birth names but, Lesson just thought his was just too interesting not to go to stage. Born in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg yet rooted at a small village called Phaphazela in Malamulele, Lesson Makhubele fell in love with rap music at the age of 11 and also just released an album called Fresh Air. To get a bit of fresh air on Lesson, we asked him to share a thing to two about himself.   Q: Why did you choose to call yourself ‘Lesson’ as your stage name? A: Lesson is my name of birth. IRead More →

Hailing from a small village outside Malamulele in Limpopo, Bongani Mbhiza popularly known as Leo Bee is an Emcee whose passion is to throw bars after bars, BOE! In a quest to find out more about his upcoming album; Barcoded Expression, Shangazine asked Leo for a quick chat! Q: WHERE DOES YOUR LOVE FOR RAP COME FROM? A: It all started when I was young, I was always fascinated by a lot of songs especially in terms of how the language is used in the songs. Things such as figure of speech, rhymes, punchlines and poetic flow always caught my attention and when I finallyRead More →