Tsonga Rap is one of the most underrated music genres in South Africa but we are madly in love with it. To prove our love, we’ve hosted a few Tsonga Rap artists to a Shangazine Experience in order to have one on one conversations regarding music, rap, Tsonga language and culture and also to get to know them a bit…personally Below is a fun and informal interview between Shangazine Editor, Hlulani Masingi and the man who prefers Tsonga Bars over everything; Leo Bee. Watch! Did you know that Leo Bee has a brand new music video? It is called Jika ka Hina! Leo Bee provesRead More →

Hailing from a small village outside Malamulele in Limpopo, Bongani Mbhiza popularly known as Leo Bee is an Emcee whose passion is to throw bars after bars, BOE! In a quest to find out more about his upcoming album; Barcoded Expression, Shangazine asked Leo for a quick chat! Q: WHERE DOES YOUR LOVE FOR RAP COME FROM? A: It all started when I was young, I was always fascinated by a lot of songs especially in terms of how the language is used in the songs. Things such as figure of speech, rhymes, punchlines and poetic flow always caught my attention and when I finallyRead More →