Silly Things Tsonga Men Say to Take Women to Bed

Imagine if the man you just started dating says “let’s go to my place and have sex?” Chances are, you would dump him if his cheeks are not met by your slap. This is the reason some Tsonga men have mastered the art of luring their women into the bedroom without actually saying it.

We’ve heard of things like “I’ll put in just the tip” when men want to have sex with their women. But I don’t think you’re ready for what Tsonga men say. My grandmother once told me that the reason she married my late grandfather is that he promised to buy her a train. It was after a while she realised there wasn’t even a railway line. Laugh with me!

Although times might have changed tremendously from when my grandparents were still in their youth, Tsonga men still say silly things to lure women into their arms or bed. How do I know? I was once a victim . Whether it was out of respect or fear of rejection, these pick-up lines always worked, you’d only find out once the deed is done (with consent) that you were somewhat duped. Even though I say Tsonga men, I believe hiding the motive of taking a woman to bed is not only done by Tsonga men, but most African men. Below are things Tsonga men say to lure women to bed:

1.       Can you please walk me home? I need to pick up my jersey. – Limpopo is blazing hot, why would anyone need to wear something warm in that heat?

2.       I need to drop off the house keys for my mom. – This is the trick that worked on me. Who would want their future mother-in-law to be sitting outside the house while her son is with me? I walked him home only to find his mother inside the house. Of course we went to his bedroom to “chill.” This was then followed up by the next pick up line.

3.       Should I switch off the light? – Before I could give any answer, lights off! Then “itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout.”

4.       I’m hungry. Can we pass by my house so I eat? – Did the women ever wonder which hunger were the men referring to? I wonder. D

Do you know any lines that were used on you or your friends by their men? Please share with us using the @Shangazine handle on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Very interesting but can you please tell us more about what will Tsonga men do next with this upcoming 4IR because most of the stuff will be done online….I’m definitely sure everyone can spot the signs while texting if the intentions would be about getting to bed with you……

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