Sho Madjozi Surprises Young Fans at SPARK Bramley

Just before schools broke for the holidays, scholars at SPARK Bramley were pleasantly surprised by a visit from rapper and singer Sho Madjozi, ending the school term on a high!

The 27-year-old musician was ‘blown away’ after seeing a video clip on social media of the jubilant rendition of her hit song John Cena, performed by the scholars at their Sparks fly (morning assembly).

“I loved the passion of the kids, and wanted to meet them face to face,” she said, describing the school as “an amazing environment that makes learning fun.” Her final words to her star-struck young fans? “Celebrate the things that make you feel excited – they tell you what you want to do with your life.”

Sho Madjozi strikes a pose for a group photo with her young fans from SPARK Bramley

Grade R top achievers Thenjiwe Gama and David Ikediashi from SPARK Bramley where amongst the fortunate scholars to receive a warm hug from Sho Madjozi.

SPARK Bramley scholars were in for a pleasant surprise on Friday when Sho Madjozi visited their SPARKS fly (assembly) following a tweet that went viral of the scholars singing and dancing to her hit song John Cena…

Grade 7 SPARK Bramley scholar Hlulani Mathonsi had the honour of chaperoning the John Cena hitmaker on the day 

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