Limpopo’s superstar and one of South Africa’s biggest rappers Sho Madjozi finally sees the man she sings about, John Cena!

After performing John Cena on A Colours Show, the song became a hit and even caught the attention of the WWE superstar himself. Bubbly and looking vibrant in her colours as always, Sho Madjozi admitted on the Kelly Clarkson Show that she loves him and hopes to meet him one day. Kelly Clarkson asked that she performs the hit song John Cena song in case he is watching, little did she know he’d sneak in from behind the stage and join her while she’s performing. When she finally saw him, she screamed in disbelief and…joy. We are happy she has finally seen John Cena. Watch the video below to see her reaction:

Video: The Kelly Clarkson Show. Image: Sho Madjozi Twitter

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