Scared of Camping? Go Glamping in Limpopo.

Want to go camping but not ready to give up life’s simple luxuries? It is okay, camping is not for all of us, so why don’t you head to Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa for glamping?

That’s what I did! If you’re wondering what glamping is, it is a form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. It is  the same as staying at a five-star hotel but in a tent situated right in the middle of the bush. This means having hot-water showers and baths always ready at the turn of a tap, sleeping in a spacious and comfortable bed, and a flushable toilet on sight. After hearing all that, why wouldn’t anyone want to get away from the busy city and reconnect with nature? So I headed to Modimolle in Limpopo Province.

Only 220 kilometers from Johannesburg, there lies a hidden gem situated in the Waterberg mountains of Limpopo called Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa. This is a private small romantic Country Lodge well-known for its tranquility, very ideal for couples who’d like to rekindle. I’m already in love with the cultural diversity Limpopo has to offer but being met by a dramatic white-posted gate that led me to a Cape Colonial building, made me fall in love with the province even more. The columned portico, hot African sun, silence interjected by birdsongs that welcomed me as soon as I stepped out of the car beckoned me to do nothing but just relax. With the phone signal completely gone, I had no choice but to shutdown from the world and unwind. Sitting down by the lounge, my eyes were met by the green lawn spreading towards big trees and shrubs, an inviting pool and Garden Spa. Raising my eyes, they spotted a rugged bushveld against a backdrop of the Waterberg Mountain at a far distance – that’s where my luxurious tent was located.

Overlooking the banks of the Sand river, each tent consists of a private jacuzzi, outdoor shower that gives you the romantic that “Out of Africa” and also a boutique hotel like interior experience. While walking to and from my tent, I spotted Zebras, Elands, Blackboks, Wildebeests, Nyalas and Ostrich roaming freely on sight, “in Johannesburg, I’d have to go to the zoo to see these,” I thought. However, at night you’d have to be brave enough to walk. After a delicious three-course meal specially prepared by the chef, I couldn’t wait to go back and listen to the sounds of animals putting me into perfect and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Just like in Limpopo, there is more to enjoy at Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa, you can get yourself a massage from a skilled masseuse, a drink by the bar and if you’re a lover of nature, there’s large number of bird species you can try to spot or even listen to as you enjoy your stay. Are you ready to take a trip and reconnect with yourself your loved ones? Go to Limpopo.

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