The genius of rap is in the verses, in the poetry and the images that the lyrics depict – and this genius was celebrated at the first-ever 2017 Rap Verse of the Year Awards.   Hosted by SlikourOnLife and created by renowned veteran rapper and poet, Tumi ‘Stogie T’ Molekane, the awards ceremony were held on 8 February 2018 in Braamfontein at Untitled, a club owned by DJs Kenzhero and Bionic. For the past year, the popular SlikourOnLife urban music website has featured a ‘verse of the month’ show by Stogie T where he evaluates and rates the best, latest hip-hop music verses, achieving aRead More →

Earning your first pay cheque after years of studying can be quite rewarding, but this is also a time to start charting a stable financial future. If you’re a new graduate and just entered the job market, you may for the first time experience a drastic change in their finances. Eunice Sibiya, head of consumer education at FNB says “That’s simply because moving from a monthly allowance to a salary is a big shift in terms of cash flow, however it must be managed properly. Earning a salary is quite liberating but if not well managed it could lead to financial problems.” Below are tipsRead More →

It is quite rare for rappers to use their birth names but, Lesson just thought his was just too interesting not to go to stage. Born in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg yet rooted at a small village called Phaphazela in Malamulele, Lesson Makhubele fell in love with rap music at the age of 11 and also just released an album called Fresh Air. To get a bit of fresh air on Lesson, we asked him to share a thing to two about himself.   Q: Why did you choose to call yourself ‘Lesson’ as your stage name? A: Lesson is my name of birth. IRead More →

Soweto-born Christian musician Collen Maluleke will be recording a live DVD for his new album; GRATEFUL,  at the House of Treasurers Ministries in Johannesburg.  In finding out more about our Tsonga brother, we chatted to Maluleke so he tells us about his music journey.   Q: Tell us about your childhood memories. A: Growing up in Soweto was very normal for me it taught me how to live with other people hence I’m multilingual.   Q: Do you recall any interesting stories of your childhood that you think are worth telling? A: I used to get into many fights because I hated being bullied orRead More →

Few things are as irritating as dancing your way off during a crowd and constantly having to discreetly re-position a bra strap that keeps falling off your shoulder.   Or feeling the back of your bra ride up when you were sure it fitted perfectly in the changing room. Catching a glimpse of yourself in an elevator mirror, wearing your new designer shirt is cringeworthy when your breasts seem to be ‘bursting forth’ from the t-shirt bra you figured would ‘do the job’ of making you feel great! Truth be told, there’s nothing more confidence boosting than a professionally fitted bra. Having said that, BarclayRead More →

Coffee is the fire that fuels millions of us every day. Coffee consumption is moving beyond being just a daily ritual; from making a relaxing mug at home to grabbing one on the go, the pleasure of the perfect cup has become part of our lifestyle.   As the fastest-growing sector in emerging local markets, our obsession with coffee is showing no signs of slowing down. But what’s next for the South African coffee industry? Treat yourself to the Nespresso coffee trend forecast for 2018:   Iced Coffee The unforgivingly hot African climate doesn’t always make a hot cup of coffee the best choice. TheRead More →

For many women, the New Year marks the beginning of change. New Year resolutions are in full force with many wanting to feel better, do better and look better! Your hairstyle represents your inner being. It is a way of showing your identity, your strength, your style, your confidence and your heart. If 2017 was a tumultuous year, a new look is a great way to lift your spirits and start afresh. And what better way to boost your confidence than with a new hairstyle? If you really want to up your hair game, try these hairstyles in 2018 to look and feel fabulous. StylistsRead More →

On January 24, the Nespresso on Ice Truck hit the streets of Joburg and Cape Town to serve up a sip of something special this summer. Following the launch of two Limited Edition coffees that have been specially crafted for iced coffee preparation, the Nespresso on Ice truck will be cooling down the city’s hot spots by delivering delicious iced coffee. What better way to enjoy a moment of perfect refreshment in the height of summer? Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice are the first coffees Nespresso has crafted specifically to be enjoyed as iced coffees. Intenso on Ice is a bold coffee with cereal and cocoa notes and an intense, roasted finish. If preparedRead More →

Learn how to make wise financial decisions early in life to ensure you are not impacted by financial missteps committed in youth. Eunice Sibiya, Head of Consumer Education at FNB, says “There’s nothing as exciting as getting your first salary and realising that earning an income opens up many possibilities. However, this should also be the time to step back and start thinking carefully about your finances and what you want to achieve from earning an income. During this stage, every financial commitment should be carefully considered because how you start off will have a direct impact on your finances in the long term.” HereRead More →