Limpopo Wows Audience on America’s Got Talent

If you’re from Limpopo, you are probably the most proud person because of the artists hailing from the province. From Sho Madjozi scooping the SAMA25 and BET Awards to the Ndlovu Youth Choir wowing the audience on America’s Got Talent, Limpopo is definitely leaving a mark.

Sure, it is not only Limpopians that are proud, South Africa as a nation is proud as well and the recent appearance of the Ndlovu Youth Choir on America’s Got Talent has won many hearts around the world. Ndlovu Youth Choir was founded in 2009 at Moutse village in Limpopo and sings in all 11 South African official languages. The choir started as an after-school activity but today the group members are global stardoms. Early this month, they won the African Music Award from Europe’s African Music Festival, the same award has previously won by well-known artists such as Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and Youssour N’Dour.

The group performed Vicky Sampson’s African Dream and received standing ovation from the audience and guess who else they impressed? Simon Cowell! This judge is known for not being easily impressed but the Ndlovu choir left him singing praises for the Limpopians. If you haven’t seen the performance, watch below:

Image: YouTube

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