If Ford invited you to drive one of its cars to attend Idols SA as one of its VIP guests at The South African State Theatre, would you say no? I wouldn’t either! Without hesitation, I jumped in to pick up my girls in the new Ford Figo Blu and headed to the City of Tshwane because a ride alone wouldn’t have been so fun. First things first, Figo Blu’s exterior is inviting! It is adorned with a black mesh grille, accented fog lamps with blue bezels; black multi-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels, black mirrors, fascinating decals and, its black roof caught my eyes almost everyRead More →

There’s no feeling quite like hitting the road and getting out of town for the weekend. Whether you are heading to the beach with the family or to the bush for a weekend of stargazing around the fire, you are in for a treat that breaks up the day-to-day of the work week and provides memories that last a lifetime. Any extraordinary journey requires the right vehicle, but driving off-road without fully understanding how to approach different conditions can be intimidating and even dangerous. So here are some tips from Ford South Africa to help you get the most out of your journey and takeRead More →

Have you ever wondered what’s Ford’s idea of a day at the office? It involves more than being a desk potato, like inviting a handful of lucky folks to step into their new Ford Ranger 2019 and head for the hills.  I was one of the lucky people among a group of journalists and media influencers to drive the new Ford Rangers 2019 at Louivain Guest Farmin George, Western Cape. How did we get there? We flew then drove from the hotel to the farm, courtesy of Ford South Africa. Each Ranger was assigned two drivers and I was paired up with Dr Sindi vanRead More →

Want to go camping but not ready to give up life’s simple luxuries? It is okay, camping is not for all of us, so why don’t you head to Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa for glamping? That’s what I did! If you’re wondering what glamping is, it is a form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. It is  the same as staying at a five-star hotel but in a tent situated right in the middle of the bush. This means having hot-water showers and baths always ready at the turn of a tap, sleeping in a spacious andRead More →

Whether it is a trip down to the coast or to a vacation destination such as Sun City or uShaka Marine World, many parents will be embarking upon a long summer roadtrip with their kids over the course of the December holidays. Doing so, can be a fantastic bonding experience for the family. However, being together for such a long time in a confined space does definitely also pose its challenges for mom and dad, as well as the kids. For instance, the children may get bored, lethargic and cranky, while the parents may go mad after being asked for the millionth time ‘are weRead More →

Looking into relaxing and enjoy the sounds of water passing underneath the boat surrounded by breathtaking views while sipping on your favourite drinks and snacks? Head to Limpopo! Yes, you’ve heard that right! Invite all your friends to a mini road trip and go experience some of South Africa’s Garden of Eden hidden gems such as Nandoni Dam at the Kalahari Waterfront where you enjoy the dam’s beauty and its stunning sunset scenery. Nestled in Nandoni Budeli area, just 10 minutes away from Thohoyandou and close to 6 hours away from Johannesburg, the Kalahari Waterfront is ideal for getaways whether you’re looking into relaxation orRead More →

Finally, its Heritage Day and many of us will be celebrating our cultures, traditions and beliefs. If you still not sure where you’ll be going or doing this 24 September, look no further Limpopo has best heritage sites and natural reserves where you can learn the history of the people of the north and enjoy its beauty. Below are four heritage sites you should visit this Heritage Day and any other day of the year: Mapungubwe National Park A magnificent game reserve and a World Heritage site famous for being home of the most socially advanced society. The beautiful historical landmarks, structures and fossils areRead More →

Looking into visiting the Limpopo Province but not sure where to go? There are top five hidden gems nestled within the Garden of Eden that you can visit. Whether you’re a Limpopian or not; the thought of taking a holiday in other provinces or out of the country might have crossed your mind a few times as Limpopo is mistakenly perceived to be a no-man’s-land with extreme hot weather conditions or a thorn bush-covered place. Did you know the province boasts of South African diverse cultures and languages; nature reserves, game lodges, breathtaking landscapes and beautiful hotels?  If you’ve always made a mistake of notRead More →