Hey Joburgers! Newtown Junction has put preventative measures in place of all stores to help reduce the risk of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease from spreading. In light of this pandemic, facemasks and hand sanitisers are sold out… but not to worry Newtown Junction X House Of Hohwa have you sorted in a fashionable manner… wearing a mask doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, make it part of your fashion staple whilst practicing aggressive hygiene. Your Mask, Your Fashion Statement, Your Safety… In addition to Newtown Junction supporting one of many small businesses (House Of Hohwa) through this brand awareness and safety measures social campaign, below areRead More →

Did you know that smoking kills your eyesight? You may need to consider quitting soon! According to The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, 49% of men and 34% of women in South Africa are smokers. Though the detrimental effects of smoking to your overall health is well-documented, many South Africans are unaware of the damage smoking does to the eyes. If you quit smoking, Vision Works says you’re most likely to prevent the following eye diseases and disorders: Infant Eye Disease – Smoking is highly discouraged for pregnant women, as it transmits dangerous toxins to the placenta and may potentially cause harm to the unborn baby.Read More →

Whole mouth health is becoming trendy as people seek a more holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing. Women today live fast-paced lives and have to multi-task to get through the day – not to mention date night! Luckily, it’s now possible to find a toothpaste that helps protect not only your teeth, but your gums, tongue and cheeks – giving you confidence with fresh breath, to be totally ready to dazzle your date with your beautiful smile. Here are some tips from Colgate on choosing a toothpaste that gets you totally ready, with confidence… Bye, bye germs: Choose an advanced fluoride toothpaste. It helpsRead More →

Okra, known as mandhandi in Xitsonga is one of the biggest staple foods grown by most Xitsonga people in their households. It is a flowering plant valued for its edible green seed pods. According to Curejoy.com, okra is “Ethiopian in origin, Abelmoschus esculentus or Hibiscus esculentus is known by many names around the world – okra, okro, lady’s finger (England), gumbo (U.S.), guino-gombo (Spain), guibeiro (Portugal), Kacang bendi (Malaysia), and bhindi, gombo, and bendakai (India). The fact that it even has that many names suggests its global popularity and widespread cultivation. Some people eat it as a vegetable in a salad, broths, stews, stir fry and Xitsonga people haveRead More →

It’s a New Year and as always, we all have resolutions to help us live a better life. One of them that usually makes it to our top five is our health! We believe this should not kill your budget because it is as simple as eating smarter and just moving more. Below are five wellness tips from  Nestlé to help you live a better life in 2019. Keep Hydrated Start encouraging everyone in the family to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Pack water bottles, so that everyone can take one to school or work. Keep it interestingRead More →

As we commemorate October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have decided to celebrate some of the South African women who who fought cancer and came out of the battle victoriously. Lillian Dube Lillian Dube is a South African TV executive producer and veteran actress. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, but like a true champion that she is, she triumphed. She is still championing and creating awareness around breast cancer and encourages every young women to go for breast cancer examination. #SheTriumphed Zoleka Mandela South African writer, activist and Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. SheRead More →

Do you know how to deal with depression? Below are a few tips on dealing with depression or with a person diagnosed with depression. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that South Africa has the sixth highest rate of suicide in Africa, statistics revealed that approximately 11.6 of every 100 000 people in the country commit suicide due to mental diseases such as depression. The stigma that is attached to mental health is one of the things that are contributing to the high number of people committing suicide. Educating communities about any type of mental health is very important, teaching and making information available forRead More →

Did you know that depression is the leading cause of suicidal cases amongst young people? The South African Anxiety and Depression Group (SADAG) revealed alarming statistics which show that nine per cent of all deaths among teenagers are due to suicide in South Africa.  There are various reasons or problems that lead to people committing suicide. With the recent case of Khensani Maseko, a third year BA student from the Rhodes University who committed suicide after being allegedly raped by her ex-boyfriend, it is very important that we talk about depression and share ideas that might help raise awareness. What is depression? According to AmericanRead More →

We’re all guilty of doing certain things just because it’s what we’ve always done. Perhaps you read it in a magazine a few years ago or someone close to you once said that it is the best or most effective approach. From the way you cook and wash up, to the cleaning products you rely on, sometimes what we’ve always believed to be fact, when it comes to hygiene, is actually nothing but a myth. This is according to Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecowize – who notes that, given the recent Listeria outbreak, South Africans should be taking a closer look at theirRead More →

Did you know that there are many things you can do to keep your feet warm when it’s cold than just wearing boots? Below are tips on not getting cold feet this winter. Begin Your Day on a Warm Note —When you leave your house for outdoor activities, put on your boots, socks and insoles to ensure that your feet are warm all day long. Dress Up —Seeing that the temperatures are slowly dropping outside, try to keep warm inside at all times. Don’t be shy to take out your scarves, gloves, coats boots and coats. Apply a little bit of heat – Should your feetRead More →