Would you like to know how one of South Africa’s favourite presenters, actors, models and all-around stars of the scene; Minnie Dlamini-Jones gets #TotallyReady for presenting a live show? Read below! THE LOOK. When I have a live show, we first decide on the overall look for the show. That will determine all our other choices. Mainly, that is about the outfit I’m going to wear. That then usually inspires the rest of the look. THE MAKE-UP. The make-up I wear must fit in with the fashion choices. It must amplify the aesthetic we have decided to go for.  THE HAIR. After make-up, I go to my hair.Read More →

Need to touch up on your manicure before going out to have a good time with friends after work but pressed for time? Then let a beauty spa come to you. Let’s be honest, being a career driven woman is hard and it is even harder when you have a 9 to 5 job or you are an entrepreneur with dreams to chase everyday because you have to strike a balance between work, family and your social life. My female colleagues and I are in the same boat and we all agreed we cannot let busy hours take a toll on our beauty, so weRead More →

If you still don’t know what to get your woman this Festive Season, we hope these gift ideas will be a source of inspiration. 1.       African Extracts Rooibos – Facial Starter Kit Price: R82.99 Available at leading retailers www.africanextracts.com 2.      TheraNaka Desert Rose Illuminating Rose Salts Price: R180. Available at  www.theranaka.co.za 3.      ZURU Woman Skincare Package Price: R705. Available at https://zuru.africa/ 4.      Bramley Lavender Gift Set   Price: R44.99. Available at PEP Stores.  5.      BaoCare Radiance Oil Price: 50ml (R152 – 182) 10ml (R37 – 47). Available at https://www.baocare.co.za/shop/  Read More →

When singer Janelle Monae released her Pynk music video, the world watched in awe. She celebrated femininity and women’s empowerment in a way we hadn’t seen in a long time. While the pink ruffled pants she and her dancers wore were eye-catching, her hairstyle stole the show! In celebration of Women’s Month, Darling Hair wanted to achieve her head-turning look, and asked Darling stylist Jimmy Shibambu to give us a few tips on how to achieve it. He said “there are a few things to note about her hairstyle, which adds to its appeal. It’s a low maintenance, and budget-friendly hairstyle. It’s versatile and canRead More →

Don’t make a mistake of neglecting yourself from head to toe this winter. Just because you’re all covered up in layers of clothing doesn’t mean you’re protected. Boost your hair and skin for a healthy natural hair, face and body. Below are steps you can take to achieve it: HAIR Shampoo, condition and moisturise your hair. This will keep your hair healthy. Shampooing your hair combats dryness and breakage of your natural hair. After using shampoo, apply a conditioner to protect your hair from the chemicals in the shampoo then moisturise to ensure it stays nourished. We have tried the products below to shampoo, conditionRead More →

In winter, cold temperatures can cause dryness to your skin until it flakes and cracks. Learn how you can avoid these with the four following routine tips. 1.       Moisturise – Replace the moisturising creams used in summer made with the ones meant to protect your skin in colder temperatures. 2.       Avoid Wet Clothes – You may get away with doing this in summer but these will make you feel cold, irritate your skin and cause itching, cracks and sores. 3.       Wear Sunscreen Everyday – Just because the sun isn’t as hot in winter doesn’t mean you must pack your sun lotion away. The UV rays areRead More →

Temperatures are dropping and that can only mean one thing, winter is slowly making its way into our lives. Our bodies will also go through changes and one of the main things that get affected is our skin, it tends to get dry and would need great care. If you’re not sure how you can take care of your skin, don’t worry; we got you! Below are three easy tips! When you bath, add some oil to your bath water and if you prefer a shower, get in there with an in-shower moisturiser to help replenish the moisture you actually lose when taking a bathRead More →

Don’t make a mistake of leaving your house in your beautifully matched traditional attire, tirhandzi from head to nail and toe! Do your nails and make sure they blend in with the rest of your outfit! With these colours we hope to inspire you to always look dazzling… HOT PINK NAILS   LIME GREEN TALONS   MULTI-COLOURED TALONS   OMBRE HUES   MUSTARD NAILSRead More →

For many women, the New Year marks the beginning of change. New Year resolutions are in full force with many wanting to feel better, do better and look better! Your hairstyle represents your inner being. It is a way of showing your identity, your strength, your style, your confidence and your heart. If 2017 was a tumultuous year, a new look is a great way to lift your spirits and start afresh. And what better way to boost your confidence than with a new hairstyle? If you really want to up your hair game, try these hairstyles in 2018 to look and feel fabulous. StylistsRead More →

Do you want to add some colour to your dreadlocks but do not want to permanently dye or even damage your hair? You can with Darling Hair Africa!   All you have to do is get the Darling Hair Yaki Braid and head to your hair stylist.  Hlulani Masingi, founder of Shangazine was lucky to be among the special guests invited by Darling Hair to highlight her dreadlocks. Her Xitsonga character wasn’t shy to choose a blue hairpiece. She definitely defied any stereotype about the anything blue being gloom and also; she said she wanted to openly express the love she has for her XitsongaRead More →