If They Don’t Know These Lyrics, They’re Too Young!

Do you ever wonder if you’re dating an age appropriate partner? While taking into account that age is nothing but a number; sometimes you just want to find out if the person you’re with might be too young for you!

Like any other South African culture, we also have traditional “happy” songs that we would normally sing at ceremonies for celebratory reasons. However, technology is taking over everything including music, therefore most traditional songs have been replaced by electro songs. Your partner may know Bengu Bengu and Tshetsha but do they know these lyrics? If they don’t know these lyrics, they’re too young.

  1. “Thimbya rimbya! Thimbya rimbya! Ku veleka i vukosi.”

This song is usually sung by parents to celebrate their children for being successful in life who are now taking care of them in return. Some may say it is black tax, it is not!

2. “Yiva! Yiva! Yiva! Mhe anise yiva n’wano! Yiva! Yiva! Yiva! Mhe anise yiva n’wano khwirhi ra ku fanela hi chungu…mhe anise yiva n’wano!”

Again, this is a parent singing about the fact that she’s never stolen a child.

3. “Mamba ta van’wani! Cha! Mamba ta van’wani! Cha cha cha chaaa!”

This means “the one who wears other people’s things.” It is based on how rhythimic you are. When the song would get to “Cha cha cha chaaa,” one had to stomp their feet in sync with the cha. It’s pronounced ‘cha’ as in cha-cha-cha dance.

4. “Khale ka mina ndza ha bomba! Andzi bomba na Muzamani wa mina! Andzi khinyaveza, ndzi khinyaveza!”

This is about an old woman who conceitedly sings about how she used to be drop dead gorgeous and danced with her boyfriend when younger.

If your partner doesn’t know any of these lyrics, we’ve got news for you!

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  1. My soulmate is 8 years my junior but is my equal as far as l’m concerned. I believe that regardless of age one can be cultivated to the point where boy and girl are so in sync that age does indeed become just a number. If you are not compatible with your partner and you have failed to cultivate that person, leave him or her. No need staying with an old person who behaves like a child. Why hold on to someone who gives you a hernia?

  2. Nah, I’m not bothered about the age.

    No la ku dzima ntsena.

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