Experience Tsonga Cuisine at N’wa-Falaza

Do you ever find yourself googling a list of notable Tsonga dishes in South Africa? Stop typing start driving to N’wa-Falaza situated both at Giyani in Limpopo and Pretoria in Gauteng.

At N’wa-Falaza, you’re guaranteed mouth-watering African cuisines and experience either by yourself,  friends or loved ones. Nwa-Falaza is a lifestyle pop-up kitchen offering personlised catering options for small and big groups. This is a seasonal home dining experiences that offers you a unique buffet style breakfast, lunch and late lunch/dinner. If you’re looking to experience Tsonga cuisines, below are the dishes you can choose from:


Matomani/Mopani Worms


Mukokoroxi/African Chicken

All the dishes are served with porridge (pap), muroho and salsa or chakalaka.

To book a seat at N’wa-Falaza, contact +27 (0) 763 3990.

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