Dala FAM, whose real name is Ndalama Marvel Mukhari is a musician from Waterval in Limpopo. He is an ambitious soul who’d like to see Tsonga Rap as an established genre within the South African Hip Hop scene. Q: When did you fall in love with Tsonga Rap and what steps did you take to perfect your craft? A: It is strange because I’ve been rapping for over 10 years in English and never once wrote a song in Xitsonga. What’s even more strange is that both my parents were teachers, my mom taught Xitsonga as a home language but I’d never rap in myRead More →

Are you ready for the celebration of one of Afrika-Dzonga’s greatest sounds? It will feature  340ml, Trompies, DJ Oskido, Admiral & Jahseed, Tira, Distruction Boyz, DJ Okapi, Zara Julius, Stiff Pap, Audioboyz and many more.   The Red Bull Music Festival is set to raise the bar for the 2018 South African music-festival calendar with an exhilarating musical experience that takes place from 3 to 8 April 2018 in Johannesburg. Trompies, Oskido, 340 Million, Moozlie and Distruction Boyz are among the local musical stars confirmed to perform at this exciting explosion of sound. Following the hugely successful Red Bull Music Academy Weekender and Red Bull CultureRead More →

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead,” – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013). Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary freedom fighter, who sacrificed 27 years of his life to make a difference to the lives of all South Africans, would have turned 100 years old this year. This coincides with the centenary celebrations of Panasonic. Panasonic relaunched in South Africa three years ago and has demonstrated its dedication to make an impact on disadvantaged South Africans by introducingRead More →

On the morning of the 27th February 2018, Flying Fish CHILL LITE launched the Lite Brunch and we were lucky to be part of the guests that were shuttled to the event in a Cadillac.   Hosted by radio and TV personality Pabi Moloi, the event took place at The Royale in Craighall Park whereby Flying Fish CHILL LITE launched the Lite Brunch Collective, an Instagram page dedicated to winning at brunch in 2018. The event which was attended by media, social media bloggers and industry influencers kicked off with a delectable brunch harverst and Flying Fish CHILL LITE infused cocktails.        Read More →

Hlulani Masingi met up with Mandla Leggere Gingirikani Waka Mashava of #NkaneloWaGingirikani to talk more about Shangazine. This YouTube channel normally discusses Tsonga music genres in detail however, Mandla decided to do things with a bit of a twist in a quest to find out more about Shangazine. The interview is conducted in Xitsonga langauge so grab your Tsonga friend nearby and watch it together. RELATED: Tsonga Electro Songs & Obscene LanguageRead More →

The genius of rap is in the verses, in the poetry and the images that the lyrics depict – and this genius was celebrated at the first-ever 2017 Rap Verse of the Year Awards.   Hosted by SlikourOnLife and created by renowned veteran rapper and poet, Tumi ‘Stogie T’ Molekane, the awards ceremony were held on 8 February 2018 in Braamfontein at Untitled, a club owned by DJs Kenzhero and Bionic. For the past year, the popular SlikourOnLife urban music website has featured a ‘verse of the month’ show by Stogie T where he evaluates and rates the best, latest hip-hop music verses, achieving aRead More →

It is quite rare for rappers to use their birth names but, Lesson just thought his was just too interesting not to go to stage. Born in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg yet rooted at a small village called Phaphazela in Malamulele, Lesson Makhubele fell in love with rap music at the age of 11 and also just released an album called Fresh Air. To get a bit of fresh air on Lesson, we asked him to share a thing to two about himself.   Q: Why did you choose to call yourself ‘Lesson’ as your stage name? A: Lesson is my name of birth. IRead More →

Soweto-born Christian musician Collen Maluleke will be recording a live DVD for his new album; GRATEFUL,  at the House of Treasurers Ministries in Johannesburg.  In finding out more about our Tsonga brother, we chatted to Maluleke so he tells us about his music journey.   Q: Tell us about your childhood memories. A: Growing up in Soweto was very normal for me it taught me how to live with other people hence I’m multilingual.   Q: Do you recall any interesting stories of your childhood that you think are worth telling? A: I used to get into many fights because I hated being bullied orRead More →

Hailing from a small village outside Malamulele in Limpopo, Bongani Mbhiza popularly known as Leo Bee is an Emcee whose passion is to throw bars after bars, BOE! In a quest to find out more about his upcoming album; Barcoded Expression, Shangazine asked Leo for a quick chat! Q: WHERE DOES YOUR LOVE FOR RAP COME FROM? A: It all started when I was young, I was always fascinated by a lot of songs especially in terms of how the language is used in the songs. Things such as figure of speech, rhymes, punchlines and poetic flow always caught my attention and when I finallyRead More →