Looking into relaxing and enjoy the sounds of water passing underneath the boat surrounded by breathtaking views while sipping on your favourite drinks and snacks? Head to Limpopo!

Yes, you’ve heard that right! Invite all your friends to a mini road trip and go experience some of South Africa’s Garden of Eden hidden gems such as Nandoni Dam at the Kalahari Waterfront where you enjoy the dam’s beauty and its stunning sunset scenery. Nestled in Nandoni Budeli area, just 10 minutes away from Thohoyandou and close to 6 hours away from Johannesburg, the Kalahari Waterfront is ideal for getaways whether you’re looking into relaxation or adventure. It may sound like it’s a long drive but if you’re travelling in groups, everyone can take turns in driving and if you’re doing it solo, trust us – it is worth the drive. Luckily my Limpopo media colleagues and I didn’t have to drive because our hired bus included a driver. The breathtaking scenic views and music kept us company throughout our journey and each kilometre travelled built up so much energy for what lied ahead. So why should you drive to Thohoyandou just for a boat cruise? Because there is more to enjoy!

Why Should You Go To Thohoyandou?

Hlulani Masingi at Thohoyandou Adventures

Thohoyandou, which means ‘head of the elephant’ in Tshivenda is a gem on its own. It is the lush of agricultural centre with banana plantations, acres of sub-tropical fruits, tobacco and maize lands, now that’s a view some international tourists would pay to see. Its higher slopes consists of coffee and tea plantations and some of its tourists attractions consists of the Big Tree, Tshatshingo Potholes, Dzata Ruins and Museum of the Drum, etc. Now why would anyone want to miss the sight of that?  You may not experience everything overnight so you’ll have to book yourself into one of the nearest hotels or B&B in order explore the town the following day. There are activities such as zip-lining, paint balling and go-carting to enjoy at Thoyoyandou Adventures. On your way home, take a #shotleft to Mbhokota village via the Ribola Art Route to visit Patrick Manyike’s home gallery that showcases creative sculptures made from wood.

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