Collen Maluleke to Record ‘Grateful’ Live

Soweto-born Christian musician Collen Maluleke will be recording a live DVD for his new album; GRATEFUL,  at the House of Treasurers Ministries in Johannesburg.  In finding out more about our Tsonga brother, we chatted to Maluleke so he tells us about his music journey.


Q: Tell us about your childhood memories.
A: Growing up in Soweto was very normal for me it taught me how to live with other people hence I’m multilingual.


Q: Do you recall any interesting stories of your childhood that you think are worth telling?

A: I used to get into many fights because I hated being bullied or seeing other people being bullied. I didn’t have an older brother to stand up for me so I had to do it myself.


Q: Who was the most influential person to you as a child?
A: My Father has been very influential in my upbringing.


Q: How would you describe yourself as a student, both socially and academically?

A: School was great I got good grades plus I was head prefect both in primary and in high school. A bit naughty as well.


 Q: What sort of extracurricular activities did you participate in as a teen?

A: I played soccer, at one point I use to gym a lot.


Q: What was your favourite music/band/dance in high school?

A: I was not a music person in high school but I listened to a lot of Hip-hop, RNB, and a bit of Kwaito growing up.


Q: What would people you know find surprising about you as a teen?

A: That I hated church ?


Q: Did you attend college/tertiary?

A: I did 3 years of my law degree at UJ and stopped due to pursuing other things but I’m planning on finishing it.


Q: If you could do it again, would you take a different academic path, or are you satisfied with the route you followed?

A: Nah, I would study the same thing my life is more into business now so I’d focus more on corporate.


Q: In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life?

A: It has helped develop a more intimate relationship with God as well as created a platform for me to serve God’s people.


Q: Who was the biggest influence in your career?

A: There’s quite a number of artists, but the likes of Juanita Bynum & Benjamine Dube have been of a great influence


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Never have any spare time, my motor in life is “work hard now and live happily ever after or play now and work hard for the rest of your life” my day is always planned from morning until evening to a point where my wife calls me predictable.


Q: What are the main lessons you’ve learned in life?

A: Never look down on anyone, never burn your bridges, never put your faith in any human being… trust in God always he’s got your back.


Q: Describe your music genre and why did you choose this type of genre?

A: I sing “gospel music” my style is more contemporary with a fusion of Jazz, Pop, Rock, as well as traditional African music. I didn’t choose to do music. God chose me for this. It’s my purpose, it’s who I am.


Q: What is your latest music release?

A: I have a new single now called Grateful which is also the title of my upcoming album.


Q: Have you ever won any awards?

A: No awards yet. I got 4 Nominations at the 2016 Crown Gospel Awards. Nominations are great too.


Q: Who have you shared a set with or opened for in the past?

A: Juanita Bynum, Bishop Benjamine Dube, Paula White, Bishop TD Jakes to mention a few.


Q: Do you have any associations with charitable causes?

A: No official charities for now but my wife and I have kids we help every year from the community we come from back in Soweto Snakepark. We buy them school uniforms beginning of each year.


Q: What are you focusing your time on now?

A: Right now my main focus is on my Live DVD Recording happening on 28 April 2018 @ House of Treasurers Ministries.


Q: What can we expect from the next live recording and why is it important?

A: A more matured sound, beautiful music, an amazing atmosphere and most importantly the presence of God.

If you’d like to join the live recording of Grateful, see details below.

Date: 28 April 2018

Venue: House of Treasures Ministries, Johannesburg

Ticket: Tickets will be available at the live event or visit Amagig.

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