Bring Some Sugar to the Office for Your Beauty

Need to touch up on your manicure before going out to have a good time with friends after work but pressed for time? Then let a beauty spa come to you.

Let’s be honest, being a career driven woman is hard and it is even harder when you have a 9 to 5 job or you are an entrepreneur with dreams to chase everyday because you have to strike a balance between work, family and your social life. My female colleagues and I are in the same boat and we all agreed we cannot let busy hours take a toll on our beauty, so we got Sugar Plum Spa to come to our rescue.

It is a mobile spa that allows you to luxuriate whenever and wherever you wish, and in our case; the office. We booked a session with Sugar Plum Spa, within a few days they were on our doorstep and ready to give us massage and nail treatments while we mind our own work. Most workplaces are perceived to bring you nothing but stress but with Sugar Plum Spa, we were able to rejuvenate our bodies, keep our souls and minds calm. Just when we thought we would pay a hefty price for bringing a traditional spa at our door, the prices are more reasonable than commercial spa services. The bonus was we saved more money from trying to navigate around Johannesburg’s unpredictable traffic while burning petrol.

If you have a hectic schedule at work and this stops you from giving your body and beauty the treatment they deserve, then Sugar Plum SA is the perfect option for you. If you don’t want to do it alone, ask your colleagues to join you then have a fun pamper session for yourselves during lunch hour.

For more information, contact Glodine on +27 (0) 73 015 4640.

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