Looking for ways to deeply cleanse your skin, fight blemishes and control shine while maintaining an even toned skin? Bramley’s Cosmetics has a few simple steps for you so that you enjoy a daily facial in the comfort of your own home: Step 1 Exfoliation – To cleanse, start out by using the facial bar, followed by the  to exfoliate dead skin cells. Once complete, use a lotion to remove excess oil and last but not least, for an instant matte look, finish off with a vanishing cream. Step 2 Cleansing –  Gently cleanse the skin to help open up clogged pores, reduce oiliness and protectRead More →

Do you ever feel like not getting out of your house because your skin looks like a ball of stress? ZURU has a little bit of confidence boost for you. This skincare routine brought to you by ZURU will help you get the glow you need for your skin. Just follow the tips below: TIP 1: Use a face wash  – Pump out one drop from your face wash, apply onto your face and rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid using a cloth to wipe your face after washing. Just pat dry. Also, your face twice a day, in the morning and evening. TIP 2: ApplyRead More →

We’re one of the people who love and embrace our own culture, wearing bright clothes on a daily basis may be a shock to some people but Xitsonga people are never shy. We wear our colours with pride!   However, it is important to understand how our modern day fashion has evolved throughout the years. The picture below shows two Tsonga women in the early 1900s wearing Tsonga original traditional wear in a place called Thabina, Limpopo. It was was captured by Alfred Duggan-Cronin (1874-1954) who came to South Africa, settled in Kimberley and worked at De Beers, a mining company until his retirement inRead More →

If you haven’t watched Black Panther yet, we suggest you do it soon because the following creative hairstyles shared by Darling Hair are inspired by some of the Wakanda hairdos. Half-Moon Braids These funky Half- Moon braids are inspired by Shuri, a princess of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda from the movie, Black Panther. This hairstyle can be achieved using Darlings One Million Ombre Braids. Braiding 1. Wash and condition the hair to prepare it for braiding. 2. Use a light after care conditioning product to give your hair some moisture. 3. Now start braiding the hair into micro medium braids from the nape.Read More →

Fashion gurus and stylists always take it upon themselves to do what they do best! Tell everyone gullible enough about what’s in and out of the runways and clothing stores! It is what they do after all and you know what, there’s nothing wrong with it! Also, we all want to know the latest fashion trends; it drives us crazy…in a good way! But one thing that we’re pretty sure of that never drove any Shangy  crazy was the colourblock trend that once hit the fashion streets in South Africa. WTF? Wa Tolovela Fashion-Guru! Tsonga/Shangaan peeps been having it! So…What’s Colourblocking? Colour blocking is definedRead More →

If you want to dress up and look good for your ‘nuna’ without losing your cultural essence then Khosi Nkosi has something for you.   As always, Nkosi surprised the audience with her perfectly designed garments meant for a modern day makoti (daughter-in-law) at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg 2017. Spectators came out in numbers to show their love and support for cultural wear with a hint of contemporary feel! Some of the clothes from the SS17 collection showcased at the fashion event are made from Tsonga material, which is good news for us isn’t it? You’re sure to score brownie points from yourRead More →