A Perfect Bra Matters

Few things are as irritating as dancing your way off during a crowd and constantly having to discreetly re-position a bra strap that keeps falling off your shoulder.


Or feeling the back of your bra ride up when you were sure it fitted perfectly in the changing room. Catching a glimpse of yourself in an elevator mirror, wearing your new designer shirt is cringeworthy when your breasts seem to be ‘bursting forth’ from the t-shirt bra you figured would ‘do the job’ of making you feel great!

Truth be told, there’s nothing more confidence boosting than a professionally fitted bra. Having said that, Barclay & Clegg, would like to assist you in  finding a perfect bra. It feels it’s important to dispel the myth that each woman has a specific bra size. The bra size that fits you the best varies according to style and fabric. Read its top three tips below:


  1. YOUR BRA & ITS STRAPS – The back of the bra should hug the narrowest part of your back and display at the same level as the front. It should never ‘ride’ up. Underwiring should curve snugly around your breasts, and should never cut into them. If you tighten your bra straps and they keep slipping even after being adjusted, they may have stretched out in the wash, or you may need a different bra size. No one should have dents on their shoulders when they remove their bra either, and a professional bra fitting is recommended.
  2. THE SIZE OF YOUR BRA – To fit a bra on correctly, bend over and lower your breasts into the cups. Then stand up straight and adjust the bra for more comfort. When fitting a new bra, lift your arms above your head and make sure it doesn’t ride up, and still looks and feels good. A new bra should always be fastened on the loosest hooks. The band should fit snugly at the outset, as wear and tear and washing will relax the fit over time. When this happens, you’ll have room to fasten it on the next set of hooks.
  3. THE QUALITY OF YOUR BRA – Quality bras may be more expensive, but if they’re cared for correctly, should last you around two years. Proper care includes washing bras gently by hand, with a product like Woolite. Tumble drying should be avoided at all costs, as this degrades Lycra. Bleaching will damage delicate fabrics and colours, and ironing could ruin embroidery and lace trimmings.

Source: Barclay & Clegg. Image: Pixabay

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