A Fourways Stop For Sorbet MAN

If you live in the Fourways area and feel like COVID-19 has done too much damage to your personal style, don’t panic. The solution is literally right around the corner.

Image: Phali Makopo

A new Sorbet MAN franchise launched at the Fourways Mall this June. It offers everything South Africans have come to love about the Sorbet MAN brand and includes a few unique features. It is owned by a young black female entrepreneur, Phali Makopo; whose intent is to make her mark in the world of male grooming. “Some people might be surprised to see me entering this particular area, but it’s a very exciting sector to operate in with a huge amount of growth potential,” says Makopo.

“I’m passionate about the Sorbet MAN brand and business model business, and there is no doubt the demand in Fourways is very strong. Our team is ready to provide the highest quality products and grooming experiences, and I am confident we’ll make a big impact.”


What About COVID-19?

Of course, life is very different from what it used to be due to COVID-19, so people are demanding a different type and level of service. The in-store experience has been carefully developed to meet all possible health and safety requirements. “Health and safety are a huge point of focus for us,” reassures Makopo. “All our employees have the best possible personal protective equipment, and we’ll be scanning all customers’ temperatures at the door once we granted operation as per Government’s plans to tackle the pandemic. Haircuts, shaves and all other treatments will also take place with staff wearing once-off protective gloves, face masks and visors.”

When Should The MAN Walk In?

Operating within this new normal may feel strange at first, but Makopo says clients won’t be facing any greater challenges than the rest of the country, and the world. “It’s a huge period of change, obviously, but I think everyone working and shopping in a mall environment will actually adjust pretty quickly,” she says. For those with different requirements, there are other options such as home deliveries. Retail products can now be ordered via a simple phone call, Whatsapp message or email – which will no doubt make life easy for those not able to access the store itself.

“We’ve made the delivery system as simple and quick as possible, and really it’s a case of whatever works for the customer,” Makopo explains. If you want to make an order over the phone, you may give the store a call at any time. Otherwise, Whatsapp or email are just as good.”

“I Ain’t Part Of The Beard Gang Though…”

For those who assume Sorbet MAN is all about heavily bearded men, it’s time to think again. In fact, there are products are equally popular with younger generations, including school goers and teenagers. So, if lockdown life has damaged your personal style, a solution is finally be in sight in Fourways.

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