9 Tips on Dealing With Depression

Do you know how to deal with depression? Below are a few tips on dealing with depression or with a person diagnosed with depression.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that South Africa has the sixth highest rate of suicide in Africa, statistics revealed that approximately 11.6 of every 100 000 people in the country commit suicide due to mental diseases such as depression. The stigma that is attached to mental health is one of the things that are contributing to the high number of people committing suicide. Educating communities about any type of mental health is very important, teaching and making information available for people can reduce or end the stigma. With 10 October 2018 being World Mental Health Day, we bring you nine tips on how to deal with depression or with a person diagnosed with depression.

1.       Try to associate yourself with who are going to lift your spirit up

2.       Eat a healthy balanced diet and do physical activities

3.       Talk to someone you trust

4.       Do not try to hold back your emotions or how you feel

5.       Do not allow yourself to be over-stressed

6.       Belong to a faith-based organisation

7.       Try to occupy yourself with something that you enjoy doing

8.       Read, watch TV and listen to the radio

9.       Stay away from a toxic group of people

Depression and suicide are increasing among the youth. It is important that it is integrated into the learning curriculum for both high schools and universities. Whether you are helping a friend, or need help yourself, contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group suicide helpline on 0800 567 567 or send an SMS to 31393.

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