5 Signs You’re Crazy About Your Woman

It can be a bit tricky to tell if you’re head over heels in love with the woman in your life, especially if you’ve just entered a relationship. There are signs you can lookout for to know if you’re really into her.


If you find yourself doing the following things; you’re definitely crazy about her.

  1. You never forget what she says: If you’re able to remember what she tells you all the time, it indicates that you take her seriously.
  2. You’re courteous: You’re well mannered towards her as what she thinks about you is important.
  3. You take care of her: Whether it is in a monetary, material or an emotional form, you go out of your way to make her feel better.
  4. You’re interested in her life: A day doesn’t pass without you dropping a text or making a phone call to ask how she is, you’re interested in knowing even the little details.
  5. You keep her in the know: You avoid that she finds information about you from other people or social media. Although it might not be compulsory to do so, you inform her of all your plans at all times.

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