3 Weird Animals Tsonga People Eat

Other than termites, there are more animals that may be considered ‘goggas’ by most South Africans but are enjoyed as a delicacy by Tsonga people.

There’s no other reason, they are just delicious…and they also contain a few health benefits! Find out what these three animals are below.


Yuck? Come on! We know you wouldn’t react like that if we mentioned you can order them from one of the top ten fine dining restaurants in the world. This is not just any frog, but one that is only available when it rains. This type of frog is called ‘khutla’ or an edible frog. According to Drhealthbenefits.com, a frog meat is a main source of protein, it cures the impotence of men, it solves heart defects, it can prevent asthma and may act as an antibiotic. Frog legs anyone?


From a family of grasshoppers, these are not available on a silver platter! You have to travel long distances and walk within bushy areas just to catch them. They are edible and their taste has been compared to bacon.  In many countries, they are considered as an important food source. They are an excellent source of protein and according to Livestrong.com, locusts consist of iodine, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, magnesium and selenium.

Mopane Worms

Some call them ‘matomani’ and others call them ‘masonjha’, these worms are known as Limpopo’s favourite snack and also a staple source of protein in many rural households. A mopane worm is a bright coloured caterpillar with small spikes on its back. You can have them dry and crunchy like biltong or you can make stew with them being the main ingredient. They contain more protein and are affordable than beef.

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