Shangazine had a chance to meet up with rapper MC Bloq to talk to him about his love for one of the most unrecognized music genres in South Africa, Tsonga Rap. Watch and listen to MC Bloq tell us more about himself and what this music means to him.   RELATED: Lesson is a Xitsonga Music Awards 2019 Nominee RELATED: Leo Bee’s Tsonga Bars Over EverythingRead More →

Have you ever wondered what’s Ford’s idea of a day at the office? It involves more than being a desk potato, like inviting a handful of lucky folks to step into their new Ford Ranger 2019 and head for the hills.  I was one of the lucky people among a group of journalists and media influencers to drive the new Ford Rangers 2019 at Louivain Guest Farmin George, Western Cape. How did we get there? We flew then drove from the hotel to the farm, courtesy of Ford South Africa. Each Ranger was assigned two drivers and I was paired up with Dr Sindi vanRead More →

Do you know how in the West parents just grab a fairytale book from the bookshelf and read to their children about wonderland until they sleep? Xitsonga people sit around the fire and listen to their grandparents tell stories. Gone are those days when at night; we sat around the fire in the village and listened to our grandmothers pass their wisdom to us, teaching us about their life experiences in order to guide us. In Xitsonga, we call these stories “Mintsheketo” known as folktales in English. Before telling the story, our grandmothers would start by saying: “Garingani wa Garingani” and all of us wouldRead More →