In spite of bank fees accounting for a fraction of the average your income, did you know you can still do much more to reduce their cost of banking? Banking is an important part of our lifestyles and the rapid adoption of smart technology is increasingly propelling the use of mobile banking through apps and other banking platforms. Ancley Jacobs, CEO of FNB Consumer Core Banking says smart technology has been a game changer for both consumers and banks, due to its ability to improve convenience and safety while significantly reducing the cost of banking. However, he says consumers are barely scratching the surface whenRead More →

Want to go camping but not ready to give up life’s simple luxuries? It is okay, camping is not for all of us, so why don’t you head to Leeuwenhof Country Lodge & Garden Spa for glamping? That’s what I did! If you’re wondering what glamping is, it is a form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. It is  the same as staying at a five-star hotel but in a tent situated right in the middle of the bush. This means having hot-water showers and baths always ready at the turn of a tap, sleeping in a spacious andRead More →

We bet the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘marula’ is that famous creamy liqueur with an elephant emblem. It is actually a tree and a fruit but also, it can get you drunk!   Its Origin Scientifially referred to as scelerocarya birrea and loved all over Africa, marula or “kanyi” in Xitsonga is an ancient tree with a history dating back as far as 10 000 years and has been an important source of food in Southern Africa. It is native to the Southern Africa region and other parts of Africa such as Gambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo,Read More →

Imagine if the man you just started dating says “let’s go to my place and have sex?” Chances are, you would dump him if his cheeks are not met by your slap. This is the reason some Tsonga men have mastered the art of luring their women into the bedroom without actually saying it. We’ve heard of things like “I’ll put in just the tip” when men want to have sex with their women. But I don’t think you’re ready for what Tsonga men say. My grandmother once told me that the reason she married my late grandfather is that he promised to buy herRead More →

It’s a New Year and as always, we all have resolutions to help us live a better life. One of them that usually makes it to our top five is our health! We believe this should not kill your budget because it is as simple as eating smarter and just moving more. Below are five wellness tips from  Nestlé to help you live a better life in 2019. Keep Hydrated Start encouraging everyone in the family to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Pack water bottles, so that everyone can take one to school or work. Keep it interestingRead More →