Looking into relaxing and enjoy the sounds of water passing underneath the boat surrounded by breathtaking views while sipping on your favourite drinks and snacks? Head to Limpopo! Yes, you’ve heard that right! Invite all your friends to a mini road trip and go experience some of South Africa’s Garden of Eden hidden gems such as Nandoni Dam at the Kalahari Waterfront where you enjoy the dam’s beauty and its stunning sunset scenery. Nestled in Nandoni Budeli area, just 10 minutes away from Thohoyandou and close to 6 hours away from Johannesburg, the Kalahari Waterfront is ideal for getaways whether you’re looking into relaxation orRead More →

It is heritage month and we have decided to highlight four of the best Tsonga inspired wedding looks that give us a real #Tsongasouce. #Wedding1 Hip- Hop extraordinaire & Founder of slikouronlife.co.za Slikour and his wife, Melisa Wilkinson- Metane #Wedding2 YouTube sensation, Creator and founder of Rocking Heels Dance workout, Choreographer Nkateko Takkies Dinwiddy nee’ Maswangaye and Chris Dinwiddyi. This was at their beautiful where Takkies was rocking her Xibelani. Their wedding was even featured on Top Billing. #Wedding3 Kaizer Chiefs midfielder, George Nyiko Maluleka tied the knot with his stunning wife Larelle Wagner #Wedding4 Entrepreneur & Founder of Gezworkx Ventures Themba Gezana and hisRead More →

It’s only less than a month since Benny Mayengani made history by filling up Giyani stadium to its capacity, now he has added two LIMAs on his collection of awards. On 15 September 2018, the Limpopo Music Awards took place at Meropa Casino in Polokwane. This is an annual event that seeks to promote and support musicians in the Limpopo province. Like all other music awards, LIMAs were sensational and filled with diversity that the province has to offer. Mayengani copped the Best male Artist for “Tintoma” album and Best Xitsonga Hit for “Tintoma.’’  Apart from losing out on the Song of the Year toRead More →

Tsonga Rap is one of the most underrated music genres in South Africa but we are madly in love with it. To prove our love, we’ve hosted a few Tsonga Rap artists to a Shangazine Experience in order to have one on one conversations regarding music, rap, Tsonga language and culture and also to get to know them a bit…personally Below is a fun and informal interview between Shangazine Editor, Hlulani Masingi and the man who prefers Tsonga Bars over everything; Leo Bee. Watch! Did you know that Leo Bee has a brand new music video? It is called Jika ka Hina! Leo Bee provesRead More →

Before we even get into it, please allow us to just put it to you that we are no music experts so we are not reviewing any songs. We just want to talk about the songs that cause so much havoc whenever the beat drops. These are songs that also drive us into making the circle bigger. Swani Fanela – Benny Mayengani Meaning: It Suits Me Genre: Traditional Song Mayengani sings about what he’s been blessed with so far. We hear him mention his newly found lover, the ability to have travelled the world and his success as a music artist despite the ‘hate’ he’sRead More →

Finally, its Heritage Day and many of us will be celebrating our cultures, traditions and beliefs. If you still not sure where you’ll be going or doing this 24 September, look no further Limpopo has best heritage sites and natural reserves where you can learn the history of the people of the north and enjoy its beauty. Below are four heritage sites you should visit this Heritage Day and any other day of the year: Mapungubwe National Park A magnificent game reserve and a World Heritage site famous for being home of the most socially advanced society. The beautiful historical landmarks, structures and fossils areRead More →

Do Tsonga Electro songs contain profanity? Mandla Leggere Gingirikani Waka Mashava came across a track called Xirhokwani by Xirhokwani ft Shikwambana. He tried to find out if the lyrics border on an obscene language. The word xirhokwani means refers to a short skimpy dress but the artists are heard saying a word that sounds like “Xirhakwani”, which means a tiny little bum. This song inspired Mandla to create an episode for #NkaneloWaGingirikani, a YouTube channel that discusses Tsonga music genres in detail. Watch the video below to listen – be warned, your battery might die while playing this video as Tsonga Electro consumes a lot of electricityRead More →

Other than termites, there are more animals that may be considered ‘goggas’ by most South Africans but are enjoyed as a delicacy by Tsonga people. There’s no other reason, they are just delicious…and they also contain a few health benefits! Find out what these three animals are below. Frogs Yuck? Come on! We know you wouldn’t react like that if we mentioned you can order them from one of the top ten fine dining restaurants in the world. This is not just any frog, but one that is only available when it rains. This type of frog is called ‘khutla’ or an edible frog. AccordingRead More →

This is a knee length skirt typically worn by Xitsonga women. A lot of people have shown interest on how to correctly wear this skirt. Traditionally, it is worn around the waist for dance purposes. However, some Tsonga women have been spotted wearing it differently yet interesting. We believe the  idea is to make it an everyday wear and not an item only taken out for special occasions. Take a look at the ladies below.   May’buye Azanaia Ntimane from Ka-Mageva, Limpopo Ntimane whose name can be loosely translated as May’buye iAfrica hails from Mageva, a small village in Giyani. She is wearing Xibelani asRead More →

CVP The Problem, whose real name is Martin Mavunda is a 24-year-old Tsonga Rapper from a small village called Basopa in Limpopo.   Xo Mugaza TV or XMTV managed to track him down in his village to have a little chat on his passion for rapping in Tsonga. He talks about it in the video below that starts off with a Shangazine commercial with a song he was featured on…watch! Follow CVP The Problem on Facebook as CVP The Problem and on Twitter as Martin_Clein. Vide0: Xo Mugaza TVRead More →