Education is costly and requires much thought and consideration. Without a proper savings strategy; you could find yourself running around for that extra cash to pay for your child’s education. Ester Ochse, a product specialist at FNB Wealth and Investments says “With the increasing education costs; parents should take it upon themselves to plan and save in advance. Not forgetting that unforeseen expenses will pop-up from time to time. This puts strain on parent’s pockets; especially if these unforeseen expenses are not planned for.” She highlights the following points that could help in saving for your children’s needs: Start saving now. – It’s never tooRead More →

From the iconic Chanel collection in the 1920’s to the latest AW18 runway designs, black and white has been, and always will be, an on-trend colour combination. Three of South Africa’s top designers; Prime Obsession, Imprint ZA and Lukhanyo Mdingi; have each gone exclusively monochrome and you can view their designs at the Skip Monochrome Pop-up Shop which runs for two weeks at Sandton City, Johannesburg  (from 10 July) and Canal Walk, Cape Town (from 7 August).   Design duo Prime Obsession says “The best part about conceptualising these pieces with Skip was challenging our minds to create inspiring and vibrant classic pieces”. Lukhanyo MdingiRead More →

Coffee has always been so much more than a simple beverage: it is a social experience entrenched in culture. For centuries, people across the globe have sought out the wondrous experience of drinking coffee. The celebrational quality of coming together to enjoy a coffee moment and sharing stories, music, conversation and camaraderie is a beloved ritual enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Now, in an age of contemporary coffee culture, ​Nespresso​ is treating coffee lovers to a taste of where it all began. Embark on a journey of discovery to the mythical origins of coffee with two new Limited Edition coffees, ​Arabica EthiopiaRead More →

As a parent in the digital age, you cannot afford to neglect the crucial responsibility of teaching their kids about managing money. Whether it’s a billboard on the way to school, lifestyle images in a magazine or social media images of their favourite celebrity or idol – children can access information which may give them a misguided view of how money is ‘easily’ earned and how it should be used. Ester Ochse, FNB Wealth and Investments Product Specialist says “Once a child has pre-conceived ideas of how money management supposedly works, it may be difficult for parents to entrench their preferred principles. Hence, it’s important toRead More →

Buying a wig is an investment. It is important to take good care of your wigs to keep you looking fabulous in  your #TsongaSauce. Wigs are a wonderful way of switching your style without having to commit to the hairstyle. Want longer locks or an instant fringe? Long & Lasting shares a few tips for taking care of your wig: Do’s Style the wig after you have put it on for a natural look. Use Silicone Serum for extra shine. Brush gently to keep it tangle free. Store on a wig head when you are not wearing it. Don’ts Don’t forget to wash your wigRead More →