If you haven’t watched Black Panther yet, we suggest you do it soon because the following creative hairstyles shared by Darling Hair are inspired by some of the Wakanda hairdos. Half-Moon Braids These funky Half- Moon braids are inspired by Shuri, a princess of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda from the movie, Black Panther. This hairstyle can be achieved using Darlings One Million Ombre Braids. Braiding 1. Wash and condition the hair to prepare it for braiding. 2. Use a light after care conditioning product to give your hair some moisture. 3. Now start braiding the hair into micro medium braids from the nape.Read More →

With the increase in household expenses due to VAT, fuel and rising inflation, how are you making sure that you have enough saved for the future? Saving and investing has become an important aspect of our lives. More so than before, we need to look at innovative ways to grow our money. Ester Ochse, FNB Wealth and Investments Product Specialist suggests the following saving steps that will help you start your savings journey. Savings Plan. – This is the first step and most important step in the process. You need to plan, understand and choose what you want to save for. Be it for a gift,Read More →

We’re all guilty of doing certain things just because it’s what we’ve always done. Perhaps you read it in a magazine a few years ago or someone close to you once said that it is the best or most effective approach. From the way you cook and wash up, to the cleaning products you rely on, sometimes what we’ve always believed to be fact, when it comes to hygiene, is actually nothing but a myth. This is according to Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecowize – who notes that, given the recent Listeria outbreak, South Africans should be taking a closer look at theirRead More →

On Youth Day #June16, a group of cool dads were hosted to a Father’s Day lunch at the Rock Diner in Fourways. As a male focused deodorant brand, Status took it upon themselves to host some of Johannesburg’s coolest dads in an effort to support their role as men of status in their homes, careers and society. In a country where social media is constantly taking a bash at men using ‘men are trash’ statements, this brand is taking it upon itself to highlight the fact that there are still some really great men out there doing great things. As part of this event, StatusRead More →

After a weekend of incredible wins and iconic moments at the 24th annual South African Music awards, the country’s newest lite flavoured premium beer gave winners and nominees the opportunity to find their chill at an exclusive Lite Brunch Collective event hosted at the Cascades hotel in Sun City las weekend. As the South African Music Industry celebrated its biggest night of the year, the morning after was a perfect opportunity to treat the winners and guests to a brunch like no hosted by Flying Fish Chill Lite. This follows their popular Lite Brunch Collective series that has been hosted in different cities throughout theRead More →

Parents and elders often start saving for their children from a young age. While this initial step is great in helping them set up their life goals; children should also learn the basics of saving and investing from a young age. Ancley Jacobs, CEO FNB Cash Investments says that “The only way your children will start building this saving persona, is by learning about money matters from a young age, understanding how it can work for them and being given the chance to start managing their finances on their own, with positive guidance from parents and elders. Assistance and guidance is necessary in ensuring thatRead More →

Don’t make a mistake of neglecting yourself from head to toe this winter. Just because you’re all covered up in layers of clothing doesn’t mean you’re protected. Boost your hair and skin for a healthy natural hair, face and body. Below are steps you can take to achieve it: HAIR Shampoo, condition and moisturise your hair. This will keep your hair healthy. Shampooing your hair combats dryness and breakage of your natural hair. After using shampoo, apply a conditioner to protect your hair from the chemicals in the shampoo then moisturise to ensure it stays nourished. We have tried the products below to shampoo, conditionRead More →