Did you know that the kind of coffee you drink says a lot about your personality? Over the years we have been drinking coffee as part of our daily routine to kick start off the day and get the creative juices flowing. Little did we know that the type of coffee you drink says a lot about your character. For example, people who are trendsetters, adventurous, perfectionistic and sensitive are most likely to opt for Cappuccinos and Lattes, the type of coffee most South Africans are associated with. Research has shown that drinking coffee is good for your health. Not only does a couple ofRead More →

In winter, cold temperatures can cause dryness to your skin until it flakes and cracks. Learn how you can avoid these with the four following routine tips. 1.       Moisturise – Replace the moisturising creams used in summer made with the ones meant to protect your skin in colder temperatures. 2.       Avoid Wet Clothes – You may get away with doing this in summer but these will make you feel cold, irritate your skin and cause itching, cracks and sores. 3.       Wear Sunscreen Everyday – Just because the sun isn’t as hot in winter doesn’t mean you must pack your sun lotion away. The UV rays areRead More →

Did you know that there are many things you can do to keep your feet warm when it’s cold than just wearing boots? Below are tips on not getting cold feet this winter. Begin Your Day on a Warm Note —When you leave your house for outdoor activities, put on your boots, socks and insoles to ensure that your feet are warm all day long. Dress Up —Seeing that the temperatures are slowly dropping outside, try to keep warm inside at all times. Don’t be shy to take out your scarves, gloves, coats boots and coats. Apply a little bit of heat – Should your feetRead More →

Dancer and choreographer Nkateko Maswanganye, popularly known as Takkies teamed up with Flying Fish for its latest Lite Brunch Collective in the aim to find the perfect balance between fun, friends and fitness. The Lite Brunch Collective held at The Royal on 29 April, is part of a series of events dedicated to likeminded young people looking for a fun brunch experience with a health-minded difference. Hosted by TV personality and fitness fanatic, Zweli Dube, the event kicked off with a delectable brunch harvest decorated in Cuban Havanna theme, while guests were enlightened with tips on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle.   Renowned yogaRead More →