Many graduates who have a good credit profile often get carried away by the excitement of qualifying for a loan, while overlooking the risks of misusing it, which could potentially lead to financial mishaps. Lynette Kloppers, FNB Premier CEO, says “taking the time to do your homework about different types of loans and how to use them effectively can help you avoid common mistakes that often leave graduates over-indebted.” Below are four mistakes to avoid when taking out a loan as a graduate. Needlessly using credit – Avoid mistakenly rushing into taking out a loan without first considering your needs and the most ideal wayRead More →

Menu – check, décor – check, entertainment – check, wine – well?? It can be intimidating preparing the wine portion of a dinner party when there is always at least one self-proclaimed wine expert in the mix. To ensure your next dinner party success (on the wine front at least) the team of sommeliers at Somm Hospitality Enterprises in Stellenbosch, shared some essential wine tips with Come Dine With Me South Africa fans, to get you started and thinking like a connoisseur.   The most important tip from sommelier Joakim Blackadder of Somm, “the first rule of wine is there are no rules, it’s all aboutRead More →

Do you ever wonder if you’re dating an age appropriate partner? While taking into account that age is nothing but a number; sometimes you just want to find out if the person you’re with might be too young for you! Like any other South African culture, we also have traditional “happy” songs that we would normally sing at ceremonies for celebratory reasons. However, technology is taking over everything including music, therefore most traditional songs have been replaced by electro songs. Your partner may know Bengu Bengu and Tshetsha but do they know these lyrics? If they don’t know these lyrics, they’re too young. “Thimbya rimbya! ThimbyaRead More →

Many business owners often grapple with insurance premium increases without taking time to understand what leads insurers to hike premiums. Malesela Maupa, Head of Insurer Relationships at FNB Insurance Brokers, says understanding some of the common factors that impact the price of premiums can help businesses plan ahead for unavoidable increases when drawing up their budgets. Maupa unpacks five reasons why insurance premiums have doubled over the past five years: Claims frequency and severity – There has been a substantial increase in the frequency and severity of losses in the past five years, which has had a huge impact on risk underwriting and insurance premiums. Insurers operateRead More →

Temperatures are dropping and that can only mean one thing, winter is slowly making its way into our lives. Our bodies will also go through changes and one of the main things that get affected is our skin, it tends to get dry and would need great care. If you’re not sure how you can take care of your skin, don’t worry; we got you! Below are three easy tips! When you bath, add some oil to your bath water and if you prefer a shower, get in there with an in-shower moisturiser to help replenish the moisture you actually lose when taking a bathRead More →

Fashion gurus and stylists always take it upon themselves to do what they do best! Tell everyone gullible enough about what’s in and out of the runways and clothing stores! It is what they do after all and you know what, there’s nothing wrong with it! Also, we all want to know the latest fashion trends; it drives us crazy…in a good way! But one thing that we’re pretty sure of that never drove any Shangy  crazy was the colourblock trend that once hit the fashion streets in South Africa. WTF? Wa Tolovela Fashion-Guru! Tsonga/Shangaan peeps been having it! So…What’s Colourblocking? Colour blocking is definedRead More →

Trying to plan the perfect dinner party can be stressful enough without having the added distress of a failed meal. For a ‘surprise free’ evening its usually best to stick to tried and tested dishes however once your guests get to know your menu repertoire you’ll need to up your game to still surprise and delight. The latest season of Come Dine With Me South Africa  has plenty of awkward and sometimes hilarious moments as contestants try out several ‘difficult’ dishes on their unsuspecting dinner guests with mixed reactions. To avoid the anguish the latest season of Come Dine With Me South Africa, there areRead More →

The ups and downs of marital life. Love is the thin line between happiness and misery. In Sunset Blues, we learn that marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy. The Soweto Theatre, presents the story of life and love, written & directed by Jullian Seleke Mokoto and it opens on 6 April 2018. As the story unfolds, this phenomenon that has no manual is broken down by a cast of five powerful actors. Starring, Linda Lorraine Sebezo who has very extensive theatre experience. Money Maker, She Died Dreaming and Hungry Spoon by Gibson kente. She has also taken the craft to televisionRead More →

Liz Ogumbo is an artist, fashion designer, recording and performing artist, radio host and radio and TV producer whose multi-faceted talents have earned her a place amongst Africa’s most admired creatives. Currently based in Johannesburg, Ogumbo was born in Kenya and named for her great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Loye, a talented singer and performer. Growing up in a musical family and community helped shaped Ogumbo’s early creativity, but she credits her father for nurturing the heritage that plays a consistently important role in her creative life. In particular, her father taught Ogumbo the Luo songs that surface as a strong element of her current musical output whileRead More →