Bolobedu born and bred Candy Tsamandebele made a decision to write songs that surpass the usual themes she normally tackles. This happened while working with Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition last year as the face of this magnificent music gathering in the Southern Africa region. The ‘ah-ha’ moment  also came while she was performing Mmalekutu which references a very old traditional custom which insists that cousins marry each other in order to retain the wealth within the family. This particular performance revealed a lot of unexplored melodies. Armed with this new found realization, Candy approached a well-known music producer and film maker from Nigeria, Dr FrankRead More →

InspectaCar hosted family-friendly events at its revamped dealerships in Pretoria North, Wonderboom, Gezina, Centurion East, and Lifestyle Motors Centurion.   On 17 March 2018, InspectaCar continued its successful start to 2018 with the launch of revamped dealerships for Tshwane. The day’s activities included jumping castles, balloons and snacks for the kids, as well as DJs and lucky draws for a range of fantastic prizes. On the dealership floor, their friendly staff was available to offer test drives and showcase their quality vehicles.  It remains committed to its brand promise – “second-hand will never feel second best” – by providing service excellence throughout the entire purchaseRead More →

Dala FAM, whose real name is Ndalama Marvel Mukhari is a musician from Waterval in Limpopo. He is an ambitious soul who’d like to see Tsonga Rap as an established genre within the South African Hip Hop scene. Q: When did you fall in love with Tsonga Rap and what steps did you take to perfect your craft? A: It is strange because I’ve been rapping for over 10 years in English and never once wrote a song in Xitsonga. What’s even more strange is that both my parents were teachers, my mom taught Xitsonga as a home language but I’d never rap in myRead More →

Looking into visiting the Limpopo Province but not sure where to go? There are top five hidden gems nestled within the Garden of Eden that you can visit. Whether you’re a Limpopian or not; the thought of taking a holiday in other provinces or out of the country might have crossed your mind a few times as Limpopo is mistakenly perceived to be a no-man’s-land with extreme hot weather conditions or a thorn bush-covered place. Did you know the province boasts of South African diverse cultures and languages; nature reserves, game lodges, breathtaking landscapes and beautiful hotels?  If you’ve always made a mistake of notRead More →

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘wedding’? Probably a woman in a beautiful white dress walking down the aisle looking like a swan, right? Brinnette Gezane on her wedding day looked very beautiful in yellow!   On 17 March 2018, Brinnette Gezane, who is originally a Sepedi speaker tied the knot with a Tsonga speaking man, Themba Gezane in Robyn Park at the Juskei River Banks in Johannesburg. Unlike many couples who go for a white wedding on their big day, the Gezanes both celebrated their wedding with a bit of a Xitsonga culture twist.   Mrs Gezane wore a strikingly brightRead More →

Do you know what you need to do to eat smarter, move more and live better?   Nestle has created The Choose Wellness Plan aimed at helping you find balance in your life with useful tips on how you can do the above. What does it mean to eat smarter, move more and live better? Eat Smarter ­– Proper nutrition is key, it is the fuel that drives your body throughout the day. Ensuring variety from all the five food groups, leading an active lifestyle and sticking to recommended serving sizes are all essential elements of nutrition. Move More – Make an effort to moveRead More →

Are you ready for the celebration of one of Afrika-Dzonga’s greatest sounds? It will feature  340ml, Trompies, DJ Oskido, Admiral & Jahseed, Tira, Distruction Boyz, DJ Okapi, Zara Julius, Stiff Pap, Audioboyz and many more.   The Red Bull Music Festival is set to raise the bar for the 2018 South African music-festival calendar with an exhilarating musical experience that takes place from 3 to 8 April 2018 in Johannesburg. Trompies, Oskido, 340 Million, Moozlie and Distruction Boyz are among the local musical stars confirmed to perform at this exciting explosion of sound. Following the hugely successful Red Bull Music Academy Weekender and Red Bull CultureRead More →

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead,” – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013). Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary freedom fighter, who sacrificed 27 years of his life to make a difference to the lives of all South Africans, would have turned 100 years old this year. This coincides with the centenary celebrations of Panasonic. Panasonic relaunched in South Africa three years ago and has demonstrated its dedication to make an impact on disadvantaged South Africans by introducingRead More →

Have you thrown away the polony together with all the other processed cold meats out of your refrigerator yet? If not, what are you waiting for? You might die from listeriosis.   On 4 March 2018, the Department of Health announced the listeriosis outbreak strain known as ST6 which has been discovered to be from Enterprise Foods production facility in Polokwane and Rainbow Chicken in Free State. What is Listeriosis? This is a food borne disease caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria which can be treated and is preventable. It is widely distributed in nature and can be found in soil, water and vegetation. AreRead More →

It can be a bit tricky to tell if you’re head over heels in love with the woman in your life, especially if you’ve just entered a relationship. There are signs you can lookout for to know if you’re really into her.   If you find yourself doing the following things; you’re definitely crazy about her. You never forget what she says: If you’re able to remember what she tells you all the time, it indicates that you take her seriously. You’re courteous: You’re well mannered towards her as what she thinks about you is important. You take care of her: Whether it is inRead More →